Devlog 1

The game I have been working on since 2019, Nosun, has changed a lot over time. Take a look at my first devlog!


A hand-painted and 3D adventure game where you explore the depths of an abyssal world. It's a low poly game currently in development, the textures are hand-painted (ink, watercolor and digital).

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!Steam and Itch will be available with the demo!


My name is Gregory, a self taught digital artist from Belgium working on a hand-painted video game as a solo game developer.


Since 2012 I have been Youtuber in the French community, writing and telling horror stories with illustrations and animations. See antiChromatiquE. But after 10 years, I wanted to go in more artistic experimentations and take distance with horror to try new genres. It coudln't work for this project (some of my followers reading this will remember my frustrations).


Then I created Unlit Room (which had many names before this one) in 2021. The origin of this project is a mix of several reasons (the previous paragrapher is one) which resulted in the aim of creating my own video game company. This is why I'm working on Nosun since 2021.

What's next?

The most important step will be the creation of a kickstarter page, once the demo of my game is ready, to help me launching my company.


DM me on social medias (leave a comment if you can't).> I have a sound designer already (me).
> No release date yet.
> Press content will be available once the demo is ready.
> No collab, I need to stay focused on my projects.
> Not interested in ANY commercial services.